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Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian (2000年)

 01.I Will Love Again
 02.Part Of Me
 03.Givin' Up On You
 04.You Are My Heart
 05.I Am Who I Am
 06.To Love Again (Si Tu M'Aimes)
 07.You're Not From Here
 08.Till I Get Over You
 09.Love By Grace
 10.Broken Vow
 12.Yeliel (My Angel)
 13.Light Of My Life (Duet With Lee Hom Wang)
 14.Otro Amor Vendra (I Will Love Again) (Ballad Reprise)

 [Lara Fabian - I Will Love Again]

Louise - Naked (1996年)

 02.In Walked Love
 03.Light Of My Life
 04.The Best That You Bring
 05.One Kiss From Heaven
 06.Thinking About You Baby
 08.Undivided Love
 09.Back To Love
 10.Never Too Late
 11.Goodbye To Love
 12.That's The Way I Like It
 13.I'll Fly Away
 14.I Gave You My Love
 15.All Of You
 16.Real Love

 [Louise - In Walked Love]

Rebekka Bakken - Is That You? (2005年)

 01.As Tears Clear Our Eyes
 02.As I Lay Myself Bare
 03.Didn't I
 04.Going Home (Is A Lonely Travel)
 05.Is That You?
 06.Even If You Buy Me Thousand Cars
 07.Why Do All The Good Guys Get The Dragons?
 08.So Ro
 09.Just A Little Moon
 11.As Long As There Is A Voyage Away

 [Rebekka Bakken - Is That You]

Lisa Lindebergh - ME (1997年)

 01.Up & Down
 02.One Week
 03.I Wanna Be
 04.Come To Me
 05.I'd Rather Be With You
 06.No One Like You
 07.Whatever It Takes
 08.Forgive Me
 09.Your Love Don't Bother Me
 10.Witout You
 11.Just A Little Bit

 [Lisa Lindebergh - One Week]