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Sophie B. Hawkins - Timbre (1999)
 01.Strange Thing
 02.No Connection
 03.32 Lines
 04.MMM My Best Friend
 04.Bare The Weight Of Me
 06.The Darkest Childe
 07.I Walk Alone
 08.Your Tongue Like The Sun In My Mouth
 09.Lose Your Way
 10.Help Me Breathe
 11.The One You Have Not Seen

Trisha Yearwood - Songbook: A Collection Of Hits (1997)
 01.How Do I Live
 02.The Song Remembers When
 03.Wrong Side Of Memphis
 04.In Another's Eyes
 04.The Woman Before Me
 05.Perfect Love
 06.Thinkin' About You
 07.Down On My Knees
 08.She's In Love With The Boy
 09.Walkaway Joe
 10.XXX's And OOO's (An American Girl)
 11.Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
 12.A Lover Is Forever
 13.Believe Me Baby (I Lied)
 14.On A Bus To St. Cloud
 15.You Can Sleep While I Drive
 16.The Flame

Trisha Yearwood - Inside Out (2001)
 01.Love Alone
 02.I Would've Loved You Anyway
 03.For A While
 04.Seven Year Ache
 04.I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners
 05.Harmless Heart
 06.Inside Out
 07.Love Let Go
 08.Melancholy Blue
 09.Second Chance
 10.Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
 11.When We Were Still In Love

Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart (1983)
 01.Wild Heart
 02.If Anyone Falls
 03.Gate And Garden
 05.Stand Back
 06.I Will Run To You
 07.Nothing Ever Changes
 08.Sable On Blond
 09.Beauty & The Beast



これまで私の中で、カントリージャンルでお気に入りは断トツで「LeAnn Rimes」で変わらないのですが、トリーシャ嬢はNO.2になりました。



Trisha Yearwood - How Do I Live

LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live