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Holly Dunn - Getting It Dunn (2000)
01.No Love Have I - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
02.If Your Heart Can't Do the Talking - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
03.Golden Years - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
04.You Say You Will - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
05.I Laughed Until I Cried - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
06.As Long As You Belong To Me - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
07.Let Go - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
08.I've Heard It All - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
09.Half a Million Teardrops - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
10.You Can Have Him - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)
11.Simple I Love You, A - (Getting It Dunn - 1992)

Keyshia Cole - Just Like You (2007)
01.Let It Go
02.Didn't I Tell You
03.Fallin Out
04.Give Me More
05.I Remember
06.Shoulda Let You Go
07.Heaven Sent
08.Same Thing (Interlude)
09.Got To Get My Heart Back
10.Was It Worth It
11.Just Like You
12.Losing You
13.Last Night
14.Work It Out
15.Let It Go [Remix]







Holly Dunn - No Love Have I


Keyshia Cole - Just Like You