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Charlotte Church - Enchantment (2001年)
 03.Carmen - Habañera
 04.Bali Ha'i
 05.Papa Can You Hear Me?
 06.The Flower Duet
 07.The Little Horses
 08.From My First Moment
 09.The Water Is Wide
 10.Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
 11.The Laughing Song
 12.If I Love You
 13.A Bit Of Earth
 15.The Prayer

Calogero - .Calog3ro (2004年)
 02.Il Bat
 03.Face À La Mer
 04.Si Seulement Je Pouvais Lui Manquer
 05.Qui Parlait
 06.Fais Comme Tu Veux
 07.Je N'ai Que Nous À Vivre
 08.Un Jour Parfait
 09.Les Hommes Endormis
 10.Safe Sex
 12.La Bienvenue

Natalie Cole - Good To Be Back (1989年)
 02.As A Matter Of Fact
 03.The Rest Of The Night
 04.Miss You Like Crazy
 05.I Do
 06.Good To Be Back
 07.Gonna Make You Mine
 08.Starting Over Again
 09.Don't Mention My Heartache
 10.I Can't Cry
 11.Someone's Rockin' My Dreamboat

Chanté Moore - This Moment Is Mine (1999年)
 01.If I Gave Love
 02.Girls Will Talk (Interlude)
 03.Chante's Got A Man
 04.I See You In A Different Light
 06.I Cry To Myself
 07.Blooming Flower
 09.I've Got The Love
 10.I Started Crying
 11.I Got A Secret To Tell Ya
 12.Love And The Woman
 13.In My Life
 14.This Moment Is Mine



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