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Chuck Mangione - Chase The Clouds Away (1975)
 01.Song Of The New Moon
 02.Can't We Do This All Night
 03.He Was A Friend Of Mine
 05.Chase The Clouds Away

Chuck Mangione - Main Squeeze (2017)
 01.(The Day After) Our First Night Together
 02.If You Know Me Any Longer Than Tomorrow
 03.Love The Feelin'
 04.I Get Crazy (When Your Eyes Touch Mine)
 05.Doin' Everything With You
 06.Main Squeeze

Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good (1977)
 01.Feels So Good
 03.Theme From "Side Street"
 04.Hide & Seek (Ready Or Not Here I Come)
 05.Last Dance
 06.The Xith Commandment

Chuck Mangione - Fun And Games (1979)
 01.Give It All You Got
 02.You're The Best There Is
 03.Pina Colada
 04.I Never Missed Someone Before
 05.Give It All You Got, But Slowly
 06.Fun And Games

Chuck Mangione - 70 Miles Young (1982)
 01.Miles Young: Introduction
 02.Miles Young: Theme 1
 03.Miles Young: Theme 2
 04.Miles Young: Theme 3
 05.Feels So Good
 06.Cannonball Run Theme
 08.Lullaby For Nancy Carol

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