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Glenn Frey - Soul Searchin' (1988)
 01.Livin' Right
 02.Some Kind Of Blue
 03.True Love
 04.Can't Put Out This Fire
 05.I Did It For Your Love
 06.Let's Pretend We're Still In Love
 07.Working Man
 08.Soul Searchin'
 09.Two Hearts
 10.It's Your Life

Sounds Of Blackness - Africa To America: The Journey Of The Drum (2000)
 01.Hold On, Pt. 1
 02.I'm Going All The Way
 03.Ah Been 'Buked, Pt. 1
 04.I Believe
 05.Hold On, Pt. 2
 06.Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
 07.Sun Up To Sundown
 08.The Lord Will Make A Way
 09.He Took Away All My Pain
 10.A Place In My Heart
 11.The Harder They Are The Bigger They Fall
 12.The Drum (Africa To America)
 13.African Medley
 14.A Very Special Love
 15.Strange Fruit
 16.Black Butterfly
 17.You've Taken My Blues & Gone
 18.Livin' The Blues
 19.Ah Been 'Buked, Pt. 2
 20.I'm Going All The Way




Glenn Frey - Soul Searchin'


Sounds Of Blackness - The Drum (Africa To America)