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Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin' [Bonus Tracks] (2011)
 01.Heart Attack
 02.Go To Hell
 04.Over You
 05.Stone Rollin'
 06.Day Dreams
 07.Moving Down The Line
 08.Just Don't
 09.Good Man
 10.The Answer / The Perfect Storm
 11.100 Yard Dash [Live]
 12.Let's Take A Walk [Live]
 13.Sure Hope You Mean It [Live]

塩谷哲 with SALT BAND - Live! Live! Live! (2002)
 01.Are We Smokin' Yet?
 02.Side By Side(We Go)
 03.Magic Dream, Or True Love ?
 05.The Dew Of Life
 06.That's The Way Life Goes
 07.Trans Cafe
 08.In Search Of You
 10.Keep Smiling!
 01.Shadow Of Light
 02.Hurry! Hurry!


ラファエル・サディークはお初、塩谷哲のソロは9枚持っていますがWITH SALT BANDの名義ではお初でした。


塩谷哲WITH SALT BAND はライブらしいグルーブ感が1曲目から出てて気に入りました。


Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin'


塩谷哲 with SALT BAND - Are We Smokin' Yet?