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Anne Thomas - Secret Dreams (2006)
01.Touch Me With Your Eyes
02.Losing My Mind
03.Why Did I Choose You?
04.All Through the Night
05.You Wouldn't Be you
06.I've Got Your Number
07.Take a Lesson from a Loser in the Game
08.I Have the Right to Be Wrong
09.There'll Always Be Another Spring
10.Summer Samba
11.Love Is
12.Now That I Love You
13.I Play To Win
14.He Loves Me
15.We Never Kiss, We Never Touch
16.Secret Dreams

Mýa - Sugar & Spice (2009)
01.Wish You Were Here
02.Paradise (Ryan Leslie Remix)
03.Sold On Your Love
04.One For You
05.Almost Naked
06.Cry No More
07.Ego Trippin'
08.Let's Go To War (Introducing Faith Boogie)
09.All In Your Mind
10.Shy Guy (DJ Hasebe Remix)
11.Money Can't Buy My Love
12.Back To Disco
13.Must Be The Music
14.Lock U Down
15.Fallen (Remix)
16.Fallen Part 2
18.Girls Dem Sugar
19.Sugar Daddy
20.Paradise (DJ Mayumi Remix)
02.Shy Guy (DJ Hasebe Remix)
03.Paradise (Ryan Leslie Remix)
04.Paradise (DJ Mayumi Remix)
05.Sold On Your Love
06.Lock U Down Featuring LIL Wayne
07.Wish YOU Were Here Featuring Che'nelle
08.Let`s GO TO WAR Introducing Faith Boogie
09.Back To Disco
10.All In Your Mind
11.Must Be The Music
12.Money Can't Buy My Love
13.One For You
14.Fallen Part 2 Featuring Tre'
15.Fallen Featuring FAT LIP & Tre' (Remix)
16.Girls DEM Sugar Featuring Beenie MAN
17.Sugar Daddy Featuring Cuban Link
18.AYO Featuring DJ Kool
19.Cry No More
20.Ego Trippin'
21.Almost Naked







Mýa - Sold On Your Love