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Terry Ellis - Southern Gal (1995)
01.She's A Lady
02.It Ain't Over
03.Where Ever You Are
04.I Don't Want To Wait Till Tomorrow
05.What Did I Do To You
06.Slow Dance
07.I Don't Mind
08.You Make Me High
09.Back Down Memory Lane
10.It's You That I Need (CD Bonus Track)
11.Sista Sista
12.Southern Gal Interlude

SWV - New Beginning (1996)
01.New Beginning (Interlude)
02.You're The One
03.Whatcha Need
04.On & On
05.It's All About U
06.Use Your Heart
07.Where Is The Love (Interlude)
08.Fine Time
09.Love Is So Amazin'
10.Use Your Heart (Interlude)
11.You Are My Love
12.I'm So In Love
13.When This Feeling
14.What's It Gonna Be
15.That's What I'M Here For
16.Don't Waste Your Time
17.Sould Intackt (Interlude)






Terry Ellis - She's A Lady


SWV - You're The One