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Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer Hudson [Bonus Tracks] (2008)
 02.If This Isn't Love
 04.Giving Myself
 05.What's Wrong (Go Away)
 06.My Heart
 07.You Pulled Me Through
 08.I'm His Only Woman
 09.Can't Stop The Rain
 10.We Gon' Fight
 12.And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
 13.Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There
 14.All Dressed In Love
 15.Stand Up

 02.If You're Not Gonna Love Me Right
 03.Voice Of The Heart
 04.Let Somebody Know
 05.Keep It Right There
 06.Don't Stop
 08.Only Love Can Conquer All
 09.I Never Loved A Man Before
 10.I Thought That We Were Still In Love
 11.I Will Survive

Cory Lee - Sinful Innocence (2007)
 01.Spence Diamonds Intro
 02.No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service
 04.Cold December
 05.Lovers Horiday
 06.Pop It
 07.The Naughty Song
 08.Sinful Innocence Interlude
 09.No Space Between Us
 10.Sex Me Show
 11.You Wish
 13.Ovaload [Remix]