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Lulu - Independence (1993)
 02.There Has Got to Be a Way
 03.Restless Moods
 04.I'm Back for More Featuring Bobby Womack
 05.How 'Bout Us
 06.Until I Get over You
 07.Let Me Wake up in Your Arms
 08.You Left Me Lonely
 09.Rhythm of Romance
 10.I'm Walking Away
 11.A Place to Fall
 12.Let Me Wake up in Your Arms [Romantic Reprse]

Janis Ian - Revenge (1995)
 01.Ready For The War
 02.Take No Prisoners
 04.No One Else Like You
 06.When The Silence Falls
 07.Take Me Walking In The Rain
 09.Stolen Fire
 11.The Mission
 12.When Angels Cry


Lulu - Independence


Janis Ian - Ready For The War