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Lionel Richie - Can't Skiw Down (1983)
Side One
 01.Can't Skiw Down
 02.All Night Long(All Night)
 03.Penny Lover
 04.Stuck On You
Side Two
 01.Love Will Find A Way
 02.The Only One
 03.Running With The Night

Bob James - Foxie (1983)
Side A
Side B
 01.Zebra Man
 03.Marco Polo

Hiroshima - Third Generation (1983)
Side A
 01.Heavenly Angel
 02.We Are
 04.Do What You Can
 05.San Say
Side B
 01.Distant Thoughts
 02.From The Heart
 03.Long Walks
 05.Sukoshi Bit

Pat Benater - Best Now
Side 1
 01.Fire And Ice
 02.Hit Me With Your Best Shot
 03.Treat Me Right
 04.Wothring Heights
 05.Precious Time
 06.Evil Genius
 07.Helter Skelter
Side 2
 01.Promise In The Darl
 02.You Better Run
 04.In The Heat Of The Night
 05.I Need A Lover
 06.We Live For Love
 07.I'm Gonna Follow You

Linda Clifford - Here's My Love (1979)
Side 1
 01.King For A Night
 02.Here's My Love
 03.I Just Wanna Wanna
 04.Bailin' Out
Side 2
 01.Never Gonna Stop
 02.Lonely Night

Bonnie Tyler - Faster Than The Speed Of Night (1983)
Side One
 01.Have You Seen The Rain?
 02.Faster Than The Speed Of Night
 03.Getting So Excited
 04.Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Side Two
 01.It's A Jungle Out There
 02.Goin' Through The Motions
 04.Take Me Back
 05.Straight From The Heart

Debbie Gibson - Out Of The Blue (1986)
Side One
 01.Out Of The Blue
 02.Staying Together
 03.Only In My Dreams
 04.Foolish Beat
 05.Red Hot
Side Two
 01.Wake Up To Love
 02.Shake Your Love
 03.Fallen Angle
 04.Play The Field
 05.Between The Lines