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Emily Osment - Fight Or Flight (2010)
 02.Get Yer Yah-Yah's Out
 03.1-800 Clap Your Hands (The Water Is Rising)
 05.The Cycle
 06.All The Boys Want
 07.Double Talk
 08.Truth Or Dare
 09.Let's Be Friends
 10.You Get Me Through
 11.Gotta Believe In Something
 12.Jerkface Loser Boyfriend

Cyndi Lauper - Sisters of Avalon (1997)
 01.Sisters Of Avalon
 02.Ballad Of Cleo & Joe
 03.Fall Into Your Dreams
 04.You Don't Know
 05.Love To Hate
 06.Hot Gets A Little Cold
 07.Unhook The Stars
 09.Say A Prayer
 12.Brimstone And Fire

Claudia Vazquez - Cv (2001)
 01.I'll Be There
 02.Can't Stop Loving You
 03.Hold Me Now
 04.Stay With Me
 05.Toy Boy
 06.Share My Love
 07.Let Me Go
 08.Don't Say No
 09.If I Can't Let You Go
 10.The Way I Feel
 11.I'll Be There(Dance Mix)

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static (2008)
 01.All At Once
 02.Sleep Through The Static
 06.If I Had Eyes
 07.Same Girl
 08.What You Thought You Need
 10.Go On
 11.They Do, They Don't
 12.While We Wait
 14.Losing Keys