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Des'ree - I Ain't Movin' (1994)
 01.Herald The Day
 02.Crazy Maze
 03.You Gotta Be
 04.Little Child
 05.Strong Enough
 06.Trip On Love
 07.I Ain't Movin'
 08.Living In The City
 09.In My Dreams
 10.Love Is Here
 11.I Ain't Moving (Percussion Reprise)

Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled (2005)
 01.Lose My Breath
 03.Cater 2 U
 05.Is She The Reason
 07.Bad Habit
 10.Through With Love
 12.Got's My Own
 13.Game Over
 14.Why You Actin'

Diana King - Tougher Than Love (1995)
 01.Love Me Thru The Night
 02.Shy Guy
 03.Love Triangle
 04.Ain't Nobody
 05.Tougher Than Love
 06.Can't Do Without You
 07.Slow Rush
 08.Treat Her Like A Lady
 09.Black Roses
 10.Tumble Down
 12.Lock Him Up

Dana Glover - Testimony (2003)
 02.Thinking Over
 03.Almost Had It All
 05.A Reason
 07.Make It Real
 08.River Of Love
 09.Falling Into Love
 10.The Way (Radio Song)
 12.You're The One (Non LP Version)

Des'ree、Diana Kingが2枚目、Destiny's Child、Dana Gloverがお初。
Destiny's Childが一枚目というのが意外でした。